The PIT: A Fundraiser

The PIT Tournament and Fundraiser
Come play PIT tournament-style to help raise funds for Pocket Guide to Hell’s next reenactment!
Corner the market in the fast and fun Parker Brothers game as seen on TV’s  Freaks and Geeks! Top traders will win prizes donated by the Chicago Architecture FoundationNorthwestern University Press, and CME trader Ryan Carlson! Eat FOOD based on the commodities being traded!
Stick around for an interview with Chicago’s cultural historian, Tim Samuelson, hosted by Adam Burke and MAKE magazine. Send a text to our stock ticker.
Facebook invite here!
All proceeds go toward Pocket Guide to Hell’s next reenactment, The Pit, on Sunday, Oct. 20, 3PM at the Chicago Board of Trade, part of Chicago Architecture Foundation’s Open House event. Pocket Guide to Hell is a series of free and interactive walks, talks, and reenactments dealing with Chicago history (
The Pit Tournament and Fundraiser
Wednesday, October 2, from 6-8 PM
The Hideout, 1354 W Wabansia
$5-10 suggested donation