The Hobo College

From 1907 to the early 1930s, Chicago’s Hobo College catered to the needs of the city’s transients who gathered along the Main Stem on West Madison Street. The brainchild of James Eads Howe, the “hobo millionaire,” the College offered courses taught by University of Chicago and Northwestern faculty and dealt with topic ranging from the fine arts to the art of panhandling.

CAST: Paul Durica, Katie Hoffman, Meghan McGrath, Scott Priz, and Elisa Schoenberger.
MUSIC: Jamie Albert
PARTNER: Pullman Hobo Fest
LOCATION: Pullman Factory, Pullman Historic District
SPECIAL THANKS: Tom Shepherd, Stretch

Hobo College 1









Hobo College 2









Hobo College 3












Hobo College 4









Hobo College 5

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