125th Anniversary Full-scale Haymarket Reenactment

In 1886, many Americans labored 14 hours days, 6 days a week, for wages that couldn’t support a family. On May 1st, workers across the country went on strike for an 8 hour day – and in Chicago on May 4th, the fight led to a bomb being thrown, 8 police dying, and 8 labor leaders going on trial. The incident divided the country and continues to be debated but also led to May Day, the international labor holiday on May 1st.

MAIN CAST: Pete Crowley, Drew Dir, Michelle Faust, Nick Fraccaro, Ingrid Haftel, Mason Johnson, Matt LaPierre, Lydia Laurenson, Matt Malooly, Ed Marszewski, Kenneth Morrison, Steve Mosqueda, Kevin Robinson, Tim Samuelson, Brant Veilleux, Nat Ward, and Alma Washington.
POLICE: The Nightingale, Public Media Institute, Columbia College’s Center for Book & Paper Arts, the University of Chicago’s Chicago Studies Program, Newberry Library, Chicago Underground Library, Anatomy Collective, Homeroom, The Chicagoan, Dance Dance Party Party, Jane Addams Hull-House Museum, featherproof books, Literacy Works, University of Chicago’s Graduate Students United, The Hideout, ACM, The Op Shop, Green Lantern, Quimby’s, plus cartoonists (Capt. Laura Park), comedians (Capts. Seth Dodson and Emerson Dameron), visual artists (Capt. Sayward Schoonmaker), writers (Capt. Fred Sasaki), and generally wonderful people (Capts. James Tate, Joe Klinger, L. Wyatt)
MUSIC: Jamie Albert, Environmental Encroachment, Bucky Halker, and Jon Langford
PARTNERS: The Illinois Labor History Society, Haymarket Pub & Brewery, Fulton River District Association, The Scherer Center for the Study of American Culture, Drinking & Writing Theater, and the VERSION Arts Festival.
PROPS: Michelle Faust, Kenneth Morrison, and Nat Ward
ART: Zach Dodson, April Sheridan, and Christopher T. Wood
SPECIAL THANKS: Kickstarter Supporters, Jerry Boyle, Mairead Case, Jacob Knabb, and Ivan Ross.

Haymarket 1

Haymarket 2

Haymarket 3

Haymarket 5

Haymarket 6

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