Battle of the Halsted Viaduct

In late July 1877, blue-collar workers from Bridgeport and Pilsen left their streetcars, ships, trains, and factories and clashed with police, federal troops, and state militia at the Halsted Street Viaduct. Thirty workers died at the Viaduct, 100 were wounded, and at least thirteen cops were injured. The New York Times reported rocks flying from workers’ hands, police shooting guns and swinging clubs, and “no less than 10,000 men present … they were bent on violence and hesitated at nothing.” The event, never formally memorialized at the site until now, was part of “The Great Upheaval of 1877,” which began in Baltimore as a railroad strike against wage cuts, then spread across the nation.

CAST: Jerry Boyle, Jen Brandel, Mariapaz Camargo, Dayton Castleman, Tim Dashnaw, Paul Durica, Michelle Faust, Eric Graf, Adam Hart, David Hayes, Matt Hauske, Jim Hodge, Matt Malooly, Michael Meeuwiss, Kenneth Morrison, Trevor Peirce, Rich Traube, Nat Ward, Lara Wolf, Christopher T. Wood, and Dave “The Light Bulb Man”
MUSIC: Environmental Encroachment
ART: Alana Bailey
SPECIAL THANKS: The Ever So Secret Order of the Lamprey, Environmental Encroachment, The Public Media Institute, The North Bridgeport Triangle Arts District, The University of Chicago and the Regenstein Library, Chicago Studies, Ivan Ross, Jacob Knabb, and Nick Fraccaro.

Battle of the Halsted Viaduct 1












Battle of the Halsted Viaduct 2









Battle of the Halsted Viaduct 3












Battle of the Halsted Viaduct 4

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