Atlas Obscura Field Trip Day

Join Atlas Obscura‘s Field Trip in Wicker Park for a day of exploration, revealing the lost wonders, secret places, and little-known history of the Bohemians, Anarchists, and troublemakers of the “Polish Gold Coast.”

Field Trip Day is dedicated to the art of wandering and discovery through exploration. Come and see Wicker Park for the first time or with new eyes,  through a series of on-site installations, challenges, and quests.

Alongside the working class Poles and Puerto Ricans in Wicker Park have lived those who couldn’t fit in: the Haymarket anarchists; novelist Nelson Algren; cult musician Wesley Willis; and every shade of bohemian and artist. Take a walk on the wild side through the working class bars, chic boutiques, and legendary music halls to discover the stories that make up this eclectic neighborhood.

Together we’ll find hidden places, discover secret histories, and learn skills long forgotten.

There are no right choices, no wrong turns – but there are treasures to be uncovered just out of sight.

Meet at Quimby’s, 1854 W North Avenue, at 3:00 PM. Check in at the tent. Wander from 3:00-6:00 PM and at 6:00 come to the after-party at the legendary Phyllis Musical Inn, 1800 W Division.
Be sure to bring your smartphone, bring a bike, and wear comfortable shoes. You’ll be wandering and discovering hidden wonders all afternoon, and then partying with us at the Phyllis Musical Inn – with food from Podhalanka – into the night!

When: Saturday, September 29, 3pm-8pm or later
Where: Check in between 3-3:30 pm in front of Quimby’s Bookstore at 1854 W North Avenue. Look for the Field Trip tent! Party starts at 6:00 at Phyllis Musical Inn
Who: Just like in grade school, Field Trips are best with buddies – so grab your friends and sign up as a team.
Also: Bikes are recommended for maximum ground coverage
Bring: Your RSVP printout, smartphone, water and your friends
Besides a ton of adventure? Get ready to play poker alongside alongside a dead award-wining novelist, join a funeral procession for men killed in the fight for the eight-hour workday, take in a burlesque act in an old-time bar or perform yourself in a scene from a John Cusack classic. On Sept 29th in Wicker Park, Chicago grab a protest sign and stop being polite and start getting real.

This is not a tour. There is no guide. It is discovery, pure & simple.

Participants should RSVP at

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