Studs Terkel Birthday Party

Studs Terkel 100th Birthday Party

May 16th, 6 PM, Newberry Library, Free

Join Rick Kogan, Alison Cuddy, Alex Kotlowitz, Penelope Rosemont, Ed Sadlowski, Lucy Parsons (Alma Washington), David Roediger, and Sean Benjamin and Steve Mosqueda of Drinking & Writing Theater as they wish Studs a Happy 100th! With music by Jon Langford and Bucky Halker. Free food and drink courtesy of the Haymarket Pub & Brewery and the Swedish Bakery. Provide your own Studs-related memory in a project organized by Heather Radke of the Jane Addams Hull House Museum and archived at the Newberry. Partners include the Newberry, Illinois Labor History Society, The Chicago Literary Hall of Fame, the Haymarket Pub & Brewery, The Chicagoan, Charles Kerr Co., and Chicago Publishes.

Rick Kogan at the Newberry Library, Studs Terkel Centenary Birthday Party
Quentin Young, Ed Sadlowski, and Alma Washington at Studs Terkel Birthday Party
Alison Cuddy at Studs Terkel Birthday Party
Bucky Halker at Studs Terkel Birthday Party

Studs Terkel Birthday Cakes from the Swedish Bakery

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