The Whitechapel Club

The Whitechapel Club

In the 1890s, Chicago journalists and a few stray professionals gathered in the basement of a saloon where they drank, sang, and performed strange rituals. They named the place after the site of Jack the Ripper’s crimes and filled it with morbid curiosities—nooses used in executions, a Ghost Shirt from a slain Sioux warrior, the skull of famed prostitute Waterford Jane, now a drinking goblet. They laughed at life. They laughed at death.

CAST: Paul Durica, Meghan McGrath, Kenneth Morrison, Sayward Schoonmaker
MUSIC: Jon Langford
PROPS: Kenneth Morrison, Sayward Schoonmaker
LOCATION: Center for Book & Paper Arts, Columbia College, Printers Ball
ART: Rob Funderburk, Laura Park
SPECIAL THANKS: Fred Sasaki, April Sheridan






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