1915 Parade of the Unemployed

In January 1915 1500 Chicagoans from all walks of life gathered at Hull House at the request of James Eads How, the “millionaire hobo.” They gathered to discuss the high level of unemployment and an economic crisis that had left families starving. After a spontaneous vote called by Lucy Parsons, they decided to ask City Hall for food relief and public works projects. They marched north on Halsted getting as far as Madison before police broke up the event. Although arrests were made, the Parade won in court where the rights to assemble peacefully and to petition the government were affirmed.

CAST: Martin Billheimer, Jerry Boyle, Mairead Case, Emerson Dameron, Tim Dashnaw, Zach Dodson, Paul Durica, Michelle Faust, Adam Hart, Matt Hauske, Jim Hodge, Christy LeMaster, Ed Marszewski, Tim Newberg, Heather Radke, August Sasaki, Fred Sasaki, Adrian Schindler, Rachel Shine, Brant Veilleux, Nat Ward, and Christopher T. Wood
MUSIC: Environmental Encroachment
PARTNERS: Jane Addams Hull House Museum, Jobs with Justice
SPECIAL THANKS: Lisa Junkin, Lisa Lee, Ivan Ross, Alek Shnayder, and Jason Creps

Parade of the Unemployed 1

Parade of the Unemployed 2

Parade of the Unemployed 3

Parade of the Unemployed 4

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